What Wedding Dress Suits Me?

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The Lillibrooke Manor office team LOVE weddings, and we especially love to guess what our brides will wear. We are involved in every detail running up to the big day but what we don’t know is what the bride will be wearing! A princess dress perhaps? Could it be lacy this time? Only time can tell!

As 3 of our team are hoping to be engaged soon, we love getting inspiration from all of our brides – you should see us all taking (very) sneaky peaks of the dress as the brides walk past the office for the first time! We all swoon over our bride’s chosen dress every. single. time. And that’s why we’ve come up with (and had a great time with) this super fun and easy way to choose the perfect style of your wedding dress!

Let us know if it works for you!

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A-line Wedding Dresses

Perhaps the most popular all, this dress is perfect for that sophisticated, perfect look that many brides dream of. It’s simplistic cut can suit any bride, and for those who want to have a more intricate a-line dress, our bride Jess shows us just how to do that!

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Sheath Wedding Dresses

The sheath dress is also a popular choice for many. Its elegance and simplicity strikes a beautiful angelic look for the bride. It is a relatively easy dress to wear, which is why those who want everything at their wedding to be perfect and relaxed would be suited to this style of dress.

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Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

This captivating style is perfect for brides who dream of a fairytale wedding. It certainly will keep everyone’s eyes on the bride as many will marvel at the beauty of it. Our bride Emtinan shows us exactly how a big dress should be worn, and she does it effortlessly too!

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Princess Wedding Dresses

The princess wedding dress looks stunning, its large skirt and delicate top is an idyllic dress for any wedding theme. Much like the ball gown wedding dress, this is certainly one that will draw the much-deserved attention, our bride Lisa shows us just how beautiful it can be!

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Empire Wedding Dresses

The empire wedding dress is perfect for an easy-going relaxed, happy wedding day. Even though it isn’t as bold and intricate as other dress styles, our brides love this look for its simplicity and ethereal feel. This romantic style is also suited to all body types, making it an obvious choice for many.

All the brides pictured above were married at Lillibrooke Manor. If you would like to have your wedding day at our charming and exclusive-use venue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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We had the perfect wedding, it really was everything we dreamt of. Everything Lillibrooke and you did all the way through planning and delivering the wedding was fantastic. Thank you for guiding us through the perfect day. Vincent was amazing and we were receiving compliments all throughout the day because he just didn’t miss a thing. We were in fantastic hands. We will be sure to leave a review. Thank you again, take care James and Steph