Lillibrooke’s Wedding Trends

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Here at Lillibrooke, we have a whole array of wedding styles; from modern to traditional to fantastically quirky, we have the lot! However each year, different decors, colours and styling are popular, and 2019 is no different.

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Guest Books

Guests are sending their messages in different ways this year. Instead of the standard book where guests have previously been able to write on a page sharing their love to the happy couple, we have seen much more creative ways.

Jigsaw pieces, wish jars, wooden letters – anything that involves more fun and creativity for guests to partake in. We have been loving these new ways of sharing messages, but also the entertainment guests get from doing this! How will you ask your guests to send messages to you?

What we love:

  • posting messages in a mini post-box
  • a scrapbook to write in; offering a polaroid camera for them to put a picture next to their message
  • providing small pieces of paper to put ‘a message in a bottle’!
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Centrepieces can vary depending on the personality of the couple and the chosen theme of the wedding. Lillibrooke couples are beginning to prefer small and simple pieces, a big move away from larger single centrepieces from past years.

Small jars of flowers, tealights and wooden features are preferred items for the centrepiece. Clusters of smaller items are growing in popularity, which we have noticed has improved conversations across tables, and has made it easier for guests to communicate with all others sat at the table with them, so a great development all round!

What we love:

  • hessian materials
  • wooden rustic-look boxes or rustic jars
  • quirky glass designs for tealights to sit in

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Flower Décor

Flower décor is a key part to designing your wedding theme and we have seen many fabulous and dainty flower displays over the years here at Lillibrooke. However this year we have seen a popular development in the ways flowers have been displayed at our venue.

Lillibrooke has seen flower décor develop this year from thick flower arches in the Great and Small barn to hanging flower instillations and personalised floral hoops. These fabulous developments have become beautiful finishing touches to the wedding theme design.

What we love:

  • flowers at entrances of doorways
  • flower hoops and arches
  • flowers in centrepieces
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Personalisation of Wedding Ceremony

Even though a traditional registrar-led ceremony remains most popular at Lillibrooke, we have seen more couples opting for personalised ceremonies, even if they are only small changes.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this development, as every wedding should be the couples own, and unique to them. This lovely development has led to a much more personal and intimate wedding ceremony for those who choose to have their ceremony personalised.

What we love:

  • writing own vows
  • decor in the ceremony room
  • owl/dog/animal ring-bearers

These are just some of the trends we’ve seen in 2019, for more inspiration and ideas, view our Pinterest page which has thousands of images for you to see!

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We had the perfect wedding, it really was everything we dreamt of. Everything Lillibrooke and you did all the way through planning and delivering the wedding was fantastic. Thank you for guiding us through the perfect day. Vincent was amazing and we were receiving compliments all throughout the day because he just didn’t miss a thing. We were in fantastic hands. We will be sure to leave a review. Thank you again, take care James and Steph