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Today’s guest blogger Sarah from Ever After Events shares her tips on how you can achieve that beautiful rustic style, which is just perfect for a Barn wedding. Whether you’re looking for that relaxed, cosy, country vibe or something modern yet rustic and sauve, these tips will ensure your barn wedding gets your guests talking. Keep reading to know more!

What was once a topic that required no thought, the decision of whether your wedding breakfast should be laid upon round or banqueting tables is something we often discuss with couples, particularly when it comes to barn weddings.

Essentially, there is no right or wrong answer, but with each layout bringing its own style of socialising and ability to transform your wedding breakfast space, it’s easy to see why it’s become a talking point.

With the Great Barn at Lillibrooke Manor offering the luxury of a large seated capacity in either table format, we’ve jotted down our recommendations to help with your decision making so, let’s talk tables!

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Barn Wedding Venue

Aside from beautiful dresses and stunning flowers, making your day memorable goes beyond the Best Man’s speech and your choice of playlist. Your guests will remember how comfortable they felt while they were seated and how social the setting was – both being a result of your table layout.

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Barn Wedding Table Talk

Round tables are the classic wedding set up and you know what they say? Some classics never go out of style.

Rounds are great for socialising and forming friendly groups among guests as they create a feeling of intimacy. Friends and family that were once unknown to one another become engaged in conversation and as a table, no one feels left out.

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Wedding Venue

Naturally, round tables lend themselves to centralised centrepieces, whether they’re low or high in design. You can create statements with elaborate florals or keep things simple with lanterns and rustic charm. You can mix and match with varying heights to deliver colour that fills the room at all levels and create a real showstopper.

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Barn Wedding

While the perception is that round tables are more elegant, and banquets appear much more casual, long tables are a growing wedding trend that isn’t going away anytime soon and it’s easy to see why.

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Best Wedding Venue in Berkshire

Heavily influenced by those Pinterest perfect shots, long banquet tables are great for creating a relaxed, family-dining feel. Not only do they look gorgeous when it comes to stylised place settings, but they can also make your table planning easier. Groups of friends and family can be merged along the table without obviously grouping or separating people.

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When it comes to centrepiece decor, the options are endless; from unruly foliage garlands to low level blooms, you have the opportunity to create a striking style thread from end-to-end.

Or why not let the food to the talking? Banquet tables are perfect for serving sharing platters, so why not keep centrepieces to a minimum if you’re planning a feast for the eyes?

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So, let’s round things up:


  • You can’t beat a classic. Your photos will be timeless.
  • Encourages social conversation and friendly groups among guests.
  • Creates a great opportunity for you to walk around, say hello and speak with groups of your guests.


  • Creates an on-trend, modern wedding design.
  • Sets the tone for a family dinner party feeling.
  • Easily lends itself to relaxed wedding menus with sharing platters.

Knowing your options can certainly help with your wedding planning, but which ever you choose, rest assured that either option can turn out beautiful and remember – do what works for you!

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We had the perfect wedding, it really was everything we dreamt of. Everything Lillibrooke and you did all the way through planning and delivering the wedding was fantastic. Thank you for guiding us through the perfect day. Vincent was amazing and we were receiving compliments all throughout the day because he just didn’t miss a thing. We were in fantastic hands. We will be sure to leave a review. Thank you again, take care James and Steph