On a wet and windy day in March, Becca and Will awoke to their wedding day. Most people would have felt down heartened to have weather like this for their wedding, but not Becca and Will. Or their fantastic photographer Ed Godden. The wild weather simply set the scene for amazing and truly unique pictures of their special day. This fab couple were looking for a laid back wedding with guests simply enjoying themselves. Becca loves to bake and, being an avid fan of the Great British Bake-Off, they decided to incorporate it into their day, for a really different wedding theme.

Becca & Will met at a charity gig around 8 years ago and were engaged for 2 years before tying the knot at Lillibrooke.  Their engagement was super romantic and took a lot of planning on Will’s part – he organised a surprise weekend away with the destination only being revealed on the day.  Each day, he gave Becca a clue that she wasn’t allowed to discuss with anyone.  They flew to Dublin on their 6-year anniversary, a place Will had pretended to propose on their first New Year together.  Upon arrival, Will gave Becca her penultimate clue, which led to Dublin Castle where he proposed.  Luckily she accepted, because the final clue took them to a pub called the Stags Head where they were greeted by friends and family who Will had arranged to fly over and spend the weekend with them to celebrate, hence not being able to share her clues in the lead up – apparently they’re all rubbish at keeping secrets!

Their brilliant Bake-Off theme working beautifully.  Becca says I bake all the time and have regularly made cakes for friends and family so thought it would be a bit of fun to have our guests bake for us, mimicking the Great British Bake Off format.  Everyone was really excited to be a part of it and to see what the competition was like.  It was one of our favourite parts of the day.  It also worked with our real ale/wine theme – just simple food and drink with mates and family, as if we were just sat down the pub – but a little more dressed up!’

They were looking for a relaxed day, with everyone enjoying themselves and no one standing on ceremony.  They wanted a big party rather than a formal wedding so Lillbrooke’s barns and grounds were perfect.  Becca says ‘There was so much space for us to split the ceremony, reception and all the extra bits in between, without feeling like we had to hide clear downs and change overs of rooms from ceremony to reception area.  It was so important to us that we could be flexible with the planning of our day and Lillibrooke allowed us to put our stamp on every part of it, from our own drinks, picking only bits of the menu, flexibility with set up and moving around the venue throughout the day.’

Becca looked stunning in a Mori Lee dress from Bride to Be and Ed, amazing photographer that he is, made the most of it with beautiful photos of the couple and their wedding party in the blustery weather with umbrellas and veils flying all over the place!  Becca says ‘Ed was one of the first and best decisions we made.  We knew we wanted him as our photographer having followed his work on social media and his website and I had also worked with him many years ago at a local newspaper.’

Ed certainly did them proud, his photographs are incredible and he is one of the nicest people!  Will and Becca didn’t want any formal group shots and wanted to be able to enjoy their day, so Ed just blended, taking beautiful relaxed photos – Will and Becca say they still can’t pick, out of the hundreds of pictures he took, which to put in an album as they are all so brilliant in their own way! Their overriding memory of their day is exactly what they wanted it to be – eating cake, drinking their favourite wine and ale, dancing and singing with each other, friends and family at the Bake Off and, Becca says ‘Knowing that it was exactly as we’d hoped – just one big party.’

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Alys Hilbourne

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Having worked in London for most of her career, Alys discovered & fell in love with Lillibrooke Manor in 2012 and has never looked back, delivering hundreds of events and ensuring that each one is special and perfect in every way

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