Coming out of a busy and utterly fabulous wedding season this Summer, I’ve been looking back at some of my favourites for the year.  We’ve had big, exciting, marvellous country weddings, with bouncy castles, crepe tricycles, magicians, ice cream and sweetie caravans, and bands of all shapes and sizes, and we’ve had small and intimate affairs, that quietly and beautifully take your breath away, welcoming in a new chapter of a wonderful couples life.  I think this is the beauty of Lillibrooke as a barn wedding venue – each of our wedding barns is a beautiful blank canvas to be moulded to your every desire, they can be filled with flowers and fairy lights, or simply left to be beautiful all on their own.  I have been lucky enough to organise events in a lot of amazing venues, from the great entrance hall at the Natural History Museum (yes, under Dippy the Dinosaur’s bottom…), to Windsor Castle and Somerset House, to boats on the River Thames, but there is something about Lillibrooke – if you’re looking for a historic wedding venue or adore barn weddings, it is the sort of place that you will fall in love with and one thing is for sure when you choose it as your venue – whatever you plan to do here, it will be incredible!

One of our most recent weddings was also one of our largest of the year, so Sarah and Tom made good use of the Great Barn by having a barn wedding ceremony.  The wedding was for a little over 140 guests and it had a real buzz about it, from set up on the Friday with lots of their friends, to the day itself with a beautiful fairy light canopy over the ceremony area/dance floor and hanging bare bulbs over the rest of the barn, lending a magical look to our beautiful old barn.  Sarah’s idea was Shoreditch chic meets beautiful country wedding rustic and she certainly pulled it off in a magnificent way

Ellie’s dress in October was exquisite and she looked absolutely beautiful on the day.  The video (shown on our brilliant new AV system!), of their underwater engagement during a diving trip on holiday ensured there wasn’t a dry eye in the house during the speeches

I loved the vintage sweetie caravan at Lucy and Nick’s wedding – the wet weather held off throughout their outdoor wedding ceremony, until all guests were safely inside the Great Barn for food – perfect timing
Steph and Rob’s white bouncy castle in the Great Barn garden was brilliant fun, everyone loved it, particularly the bride and groom, who had a good old bouncy photo shoot, with excellent results
I loved Lucy and Keith’s tennis themed wedding which turned the Lillibrooke barns into a temporary Wimbledon!  So much time had been spent on every little handmade detail, and they had thought of everything to make it perfect, from the giant tennis balls as centrepieces, to the ‘Order of Play’ for the day, the effect was certainly fab.
        Lisa and David‘s wedding in June had the most beautiful cake – the incredible flowers on the plain white cake make it stand out for me this season, I absolutely loved it
Tom and Cecilia’s sweetie table was one to remember!  Everything was personalised from packets of tic tacks, to the boiled sweets, to Ferrero Rocher.  Their first dance was certainly one to remember too!
  Images Courtesy:- Chris Giles Photography Faye Cornhill Photography
Alys Hilbourne Blogger & Events Manager Having worked in London for most of her career, Alys discovered & fell in love with Lillibrooke Manor in 2012 and has never looked back, delivering hundreds of events and ensuring that each one is special and perfect in every way
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