Favours are a key wedding icon and can form an important part of your table decoration if you choose.  A well-chosen, pretty favour can add to the look of your table and enhance any other decoration you have.  Based on this, it is worth deciding on the theme and colour scheme of your wedding before finalising these small but important details. 

Traditionally, favours were 5 sugared almonds, representing 5 wishes for wellbeing – Happiness, Health, Long life, Wealth and Fertility.  Nowadays favours can be as creative and different as you like, and more often than not, tie in the guest name for place settings too, so for example a little jar of jam with the guest’s name tied on with a ribbon and then set on their place at the table. 

Favours are a way of saying thank you to your guests for coming to your wedding and sharing in your special day, and a keepsake for your guests to take away with them.  When considering your favours, think about whether you want it to be a keepsake that guests will treasure afterwards, something to eat or something fun.  Think about how you can personalise it (a box of chocolates, matches or mints or bottle of drink with your own label), and how much time you want to spend on it.  Do you want something pretty which will add to the decoration of your table?  Many couples at Lillibrooke choose to create their own, so here are some of the most popular choices. 

One couple recently chose to make a donation to a charity which meant a lot to them and put a folded card on each place telling guests about the charity and saying thank you for coming to their day.  Many charities now create little pins for wedding favours, which come presented on a personalised card – Cancer Research, Mind, Marie Curie and many others.

If you are a wiz in the kitchen, create your own jams, cookies, sweets or cake pops!  Biscuits can be personalised by stamping the biscuit or icing, with different colours for male and female guests.  Sweets can be put into little jars, bags or boxes.  Cake pops can be as colourful and decorated as you wish!  All of these can be presented in little cellophane bags with the guests names tied on with a ribbon, hence combining favour and place name.  A bride recently gave her favours a vintage twist by putting homemade mini cake bites into little paper bags, then folding a white paper doily over the top and securing it with a mini wooden peg.

A mini bottle of your favourite drink – Jägermeister, Limoncello, Sambuca, etc.  Again, tie a ribbon around the top of the bottle with a guest name, message of thanks, or instruction of when or how to take the shot.

Other low cost, homemade and easy favour ideas we’ve had at Lillibrooke recently include tubes of hot chocolate mix, cake (mix) in a jar, heart-shaped fudge pieces, a small prop for fun photos, a packet of seeds in a little plant pot, ‘perfect match’ match boxes or books, cupcakes – the options are endless, as limitless as your imagination!

So, whether you choose to keep your guests amused with personalised games, treat them to a sweet snack, or even pop a scented organic soap in a pretty bag, your favour should suit your day and can be as extravagant or pretty (or as expensive or cheap) as you choose.  Your guests will not mind either way, so it is up to you to have as much fun with it as you wish – once again, it is your day, so do it your way!

Alys Hilbourne

Blogger & Events Manager

Having worked in London for most of her career, Alys discovered & fell in love with Lillibrooke Manor in 2012 and has never looked back, delivering hundreds of events and ensuring that each one is special and perfect in every way

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