Your drink reception is the first time you will have seen most of your guests since exchanging your vows, so it is a lovely opportunity to have a chat, thank your guests for coming and for people to congratulate you on your new status as a married couple before you are whisked off for photos!  But what will you serve to set the right mood?  Will it be traditional Champagne?  The ever popular Prosecco?  Delicious summer Pimms? Or will you go for something a little different?

When I think of wedding drink receptions, I always picture beautiful warm sunshine in Lillibrooke’s sheltered sun-trap – the Cloister Garden.  Here are a few ideas of things that have been done in our picturesque garden, visualise beautiful warm summer sunshine, the gentle tinkle of the fountain, the murmur of your guests conversations and the clink of ice in glasses – but glasses of what?!

Traditional Bar

Probably the most frequently seen reception drinks at Lillibrooke are Champagne or Prosecco (depending on your budget!), or Pimms.  If you want to play it safe and have drinks that pretty much every guest will enjoy, this is the way to go.  If you want to go traditional but with a twist – ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ with cordials, fruit, etc.  Or serve your Pimms from our Pimms bike!

The Gin Bar

This was an amazing idea – a stand-alone gin bar at a recent wedding was a massive hit!  There were 10 different types of gin, along with accompaniments like fruits, berries, mixers, etc.  This was a massive hit with guests of all ages, it is a fun and different way to offer drinks and the guests loved it.  Even those who didn’t often drink gin had a go, and the opposite Pimms table was almost deserted!

The Cocktail Bar

We recently had a couple offering two different cocktails for their reception drinks, mojitos and Pimms in Kilner jars on the bar, along with named jars with colourful straws for their guests to have and to hold for the rest of the day!  This added a bit of fun into the drink reception, and again was a massive hit and talking point for the rest of the day, and a nice keepsake.  A cocktail bar can be as colourful and exciting as you like, with different fruits, colourful drinks, fun accessories.

Will you serve drinks in jam jars, Kilner jars, straight glasses, rounded glasses?  How will you accessorise the glasses – fruit, colourful paper straws, straw accessories??
The rustic feel really works at Lillibrooke, so Kilner serving jars, jam jars, a rustic gin bar, traditional Pimms bike (always great fun and a real talking point at weddings!).  We are broadening our horizons with drinks packages so will always discuss any concepts you wish – ask us about our new fun packages and give us new ideas for what you think would make a memorable and fun drink reception!

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